INSIDE STATE HOUSE: “Army Kombayi Tirove” Picture Of Mnangagwa Before He Threw Plastics At Matebeleland.
15 February 2020
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By A Correspondent | Below is a picture of Emmerson Mnangagwa just before he threw plastics at the Matebeleland region at State House yesterday.

Mnangagwa with civil society leaders

Mnangagwa who is not only the face, but the live person announcing this year he will use the army to punish civilians on allegations of petty things like stopping the rain, was yesterday told to his face he has to apologise to the people for annihilating 22,000 civilians for naught between 1983-84 when he described people as pests who must be wiped out with DDT (pesticide), statements he has also repeated just a few months ago when he killed an additional 17.

Just 4 weeks ago, Mnangagwa told Harare’s Kuwadzana residents he will send the army to surround them once he discovers they are responsible for stopping the rain.

When he got 17 people killed in January last year, Mnangagwa denied there were killings, getting to the point of screaming, show me the graves to prove that there were any killings by the army.

Speaking at state house yesterday, Mnangagwa said:

“Today I was in Bulawayo to meet Matabeleland civil society organisations and discuss issues facing the region, as part of an ongoing dialogue with local groups.

“We are committed to dialogue and cooperation as a means to address and resolve issues between the different strands of our nation.

“We will continue to talk and to listen, and to deal with our differences with sensitivity, compassion and respect.

“To the people of Matabeleland and all Zimbabweans, my door remains open.”