Kalusha Bwala Fails Integrity Test Disqualified From Contesting FAZ Top Position
15 February 2020
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Kalusha Bwalya

Own Correspondent|Former Zambian footballer Kalusha Bwalya has failed Football AAssociation of Zambia’s integrity test and has therefore been automatically therefore disqualified from contesting the FAZ presidency .

But Lusaka mayor Miles Sampa has decided

to honour him by naming one of our roads after the man who was banned by FIFA for corruption.

In August 2018, Football’s world governing body, Fifa, banned Kalusha Bwalya for two years from taking part in any football activity.

The ban followed an investigation into his links to another banned Qatari official Mohammed Bin Hammam.

FIFA found that Bwalya had accepted bribes violating Fifa’s code of ethics.

Later in January 2019, Fifa reduced Kalusha Bwalya’s two-year ban from all football activities.

Fifa said its appeal panel had reduced Bwalya’s ban to the time he had already served, while his fine was also cut to 10,000 Swiss francs ($10,090) from 100,000 Swiss francs ($100,900).

“The Fifa Appeal Committee decided to reduce the duration of the ban from taking part in any football-related activity imposed on Mr Bwalya to the period already served at the time of the notification of the present decision.

“As a consequence, the ban imposed on Mr Bwalya ended upon notification of the decision of the Fifa Appeal Committee.”

Note the reduction of the sentence and fine did not absolve Kalusha. He remains guilty of corruption but it was only his punishment that was reduced. In other words, his integrity is still in tatters.