15 February 2020
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Jennie Williams with Emmerson Mnangagwa

Own Correspondent|We will be going live shortly with the leader of the Matabeleland Collective which had a meeting with President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday.


…..We then conducted a strategic retreat we came up with a position paper which is contained in now paper which people can find online and once we had crafted that position paper within sought to fulfill the mandate that we had been given at the city whole to go and tell tell the leader what we had been told by the people of Zimbabwe.

yesterday was the second time of meeting the president what were the key issues that you discussed with him.

it took us quite a while to get that appointment it took us through…. Eventually we had a letter of acceptance on the 2nd of march 2019…but I think for us what seemed very t is that we ever people of matabeleland we have stayed for a long time in the pain of this massacre Gukurahundi… So we recommended the low hanging fruits position and we explained…. And we then identified and implementation matrix that we we submitted and the president then took that matrix into his cabinet… We are continuing to engage the president and cabinet…

yesterday we were asked by his excellency to report back on the success of the implementation of this matrix.

we were hosted by him yesterday he wanted feedback from us.

in his update the president said that he is disappointed that very little has been achieved a year later.

you were all so unhappy you know in a negotiating process like the one we are in one has to be patient so we were then told mid December last year that the president wishes to come and ask us for an official and public update we done we then decided to wait… We then reported frankly and brutally to the president we are not happy to the implementation but along the way we have started to build a lot of trust and that is why the president….

how has the general response from the people of matabeleland on the achievement of the failures that you have come up with in your meeting with the president

will overwhelmed by the amount of people who said they wanted to come and meet the president and logistics became quite serious the logistical nightmare especially in the security environment we had very little time in planning so we were overwhelmed by the people…

but we must find a way to find closure…

Qu – that’s president Emerson and look genuine

Answer …

Qu – from your last engagement with him to your yesterday with him have there been any steps taken towards solving the issue?