Prince Musarurwa Of “Runonzi Rudo” Hit Song Dies
15 February 2020
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Prince Musarurwa

Own Correspondent|THE local music industry has been robbed of yet another promising talent following the death of Prince Musarurwa of the Ndirwo Rwudo fame.

Musarurwa’s contribution to the song made a great impact hence a well-polished outcome he remains like “hidden glory”.

Prince was grandson to yesteryear local great musician Augustine Musarurwa of the Skokiaan hit fame.

From the 1940s to the late 1950s, Zimbabwean urban music had a basic rhythm known as tsava-tsava.

Augustine Musarurwa hogged the limelight and released the hit song Skokiaan which became an international hit after it was recopied by The Shadows (on their visit to Zimbabwe with Cliff Richard) and later by Louis Armstrong.

Musarurwa died in 1968.

The late great musician’s legacy appeared to have been revived by his grandson Prince, with three albums to date.

Prince was well known for the six-track album titled Gara Muberevere which was frequently played on local radio stations.

Prince recorded his first six-track album titled Kurarama with Artisan studios.

Some of the tracks are in Shona and others in English and Nyanja.

In 2012, Prince’s second album, Gara Muberevere was released and songs like Mamoyo and the title track Gara Muburevere became popular hits.

Later he dropped another gem of an album titled Gogodera.

However, it is the song Rudo by Pah Chihera, his cousin, which exposed the musician’s talent.

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