Resisting Suppression Is Our Generational Duty
15 February 2020
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When justice is under threat it is the duty of every patriot to stand up against the perpetuation of injustice using any means necessary and unnecessary.

Resistance is a common practice world over and loyalty to resistance has brought down several dictators to their knees thereby confirming that people power is mightier than the people in power.

It is against such a background that I would like extend my salutations to the young people of Zimbabwe who stood up against police’s attempts to suppress the freedom of assembly today in Masvingo.

In the face of some baton stick wielding and tear gas firing police officers who were in the company of their mighty water canon and canine dogs; the young people refused to buy the idea of being instructed on where to gather and not to gather.

Thus, the police’s attempt to suppress the people’s will to pay solidarity with one of them was met with peaceful defiance and as usual some overzealous boys in uniform resorted to violence beating up everyone who was in their sight.

The beatings were extended to everyone including unsuspecting pensioners who were queuing for their small share of cash withdraws; in their violent dispersal of peaceful people, the police officers broke several vehicles and shops with their tear gas canisters.

We stand in solidarity with fellow Zimbabweans whose shops and vehicles were damaged, whose damage is attributed to the violent behavior of the overzealous police officers.

I would like to warn the Zimbabwe Republic Police to abstain from their disgusting behavior of provoking peace loving Zimbabwean and in the process damaging people’s property.

Zimbabwe has been destroyed for long by corrupt incumbent regime therefore we don’t expect the police to be at the forefront of destroying the little that is left of Zimbabwe.

Obey Sithole
“Commander Luther”
MDC Youth Assembly Chairperson