Millers Claim To Have Adequate Grain Stock But Fail To Deliver Mealie Meal Due To Fuel Shortage
24 February 2020
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Press Statement|Harare, February 24, 2019- GMAZ would like to dismiss as misrepresentation and unwarranted, allegations that millers were holding on to subsidized roller, as being reported in some sections of the media.

As a matter of fact, some millers have the product and are failing to deliver the mealie meal to retailers in time because of the current fuel crisis which is affecting everyone in the country.

Also, we have production and deliveries schedules and its common cause that whenever one visits any milling production entity you would find some stock(s) testifying that there is production taking place. Even some of our clients (retailers and wholesalers) are failing to collect their allocations in time because of the fuel situation, as their trucks are spending hours in fuel queues.

We are, however, working round the clock to arrest this crippling problem.

It would be, therefore, malicious to claim that these ‘uncollected’ stocks would be held for speculative purposes.

Garikai Chaunza

GMAZ media and public relations manager