Thokozani Khupe Turns The Heat On Jonathan Moyo – Full Statement
1 March 2020
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Jonathan Moyo

Statement By The MDC-T|The MDC-T, notes with great disappointment and disdain a tweet from Professor Jonathan Moyo, which purports that the MDC-T through its President Dr Khupe, sought funding from a ZANU PF, faction going by the name of G40 through her then aide Mr Witness Dube.

The truth of the matter is that Prof Moyo has relations with many Zimbabweans including those in opposition politics and even those close to Dr Khupe.

The MDC-T would like to put it on record that at no stage did the Party ever sought funding from any ZANU PF, faction directly or through a proxy. The meeting between Prof Moyo and Mr Witness Dube, took place at the request of Professor Moyo, in which he sought to appeal to Mr Witness Dube, that he (Witness) persuades Dr Khupe, to ignore the violent and unconstitutional ascendancy of Mr Chamisa to the MDC-T leadership.

It is common knowledge that Dr Khupe, dismissed that proposition with the contempt it deserves and went ahead to call for an extraordinary congress the following month in which Adv Gutu, was then elected Vice President thus the movement splitting into two after the said meeting.

It cannot therefore, be correct, that Prof Jonathan Moyo, arranges a meeting with Mr Witness Dube, on the 28th March 2018, on the strength of his private relationship with Mr Dube, and that personal meeting somehow constitutes a delegation (plural) for funding by the MDC-T, which had its extraordinary congress on the 21 April 2018.

What is apparent for everyone is that Prof Jonathan Moyo, is clutching at straws in his desperate attempt to hide from the general public that MDC-A is either a ZANU PF G40 project or has been taken over by the same.

A meeting with Mr Dube, who happened to be one of DR Khupe’s aides at the time, will not be enough to implicate Dr Khupe, and the MDC-T, in Prof Moyo’s absurd accusations.

The issue of the legitimate successor to the late MDC-T President Dr. Tsvangirai, was dealt with at the Bulawayo and Harare High Courts and both Courts ruled in favour of President Dr Khupe.

Therefore Prof Moyo must stop with the mischief of inserting Mr Kuda Tagwirei, in some tenuous conspiracy theory and instead Prof Moyo, must accept that he wasted his money trying to launder an illegitimate person and the long arm of the law has caught up with his imposter president of the MDC-T.