“Zanu Pf Youths Raided My House In Anti Riot Gear”: Sikhala
1 March 2020
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Heavily armed riot police officers totalling around 50 raided my house yesterday at 5am. I was in bed by the time they arrived. My wife woke me up and told me that there were strangers at the house as people in the vicinity were shouting.

I woke up and went outside and realized ferocious faced elements breathing as if there was shortage of oxygen. We anticipated those who shouted from a distance and on social media that they were coming to besiege my house.

I quickly noticed and realized one ZANU PF youth in riot gear and I noticed these were ZANU PF youth in police gear. I asked him when he joined the police.

He started mumbling in broken English endlessly and could not even understand him. One of them told me that they were under the Command of the Officer In Charge St. Mary’s and that she wanted to talk to me.

I asked her to talk to me but already the road was full of a huge crowd that was shouting why they persistently abuse my fundamental rights to peace and happiness while I have never wronged anyone.

The people were alerted to the threat that was posed against myself by a shadowy ZANU PF group and wanted to see how these demented cowards were going to carry out their threat.

The Officer in Charge, St. Mary’s then asked me to report to St. Mary’s Police Station as she wanted to inquire something from me. I went to St. Mary’s Police Station and waited endlessly for more than two hours and no one showed up.

After arriving at St. Mary’s Police Station I was told that one Supritendent Chuma is the one who wanted to talk to me. I waited and waited until I left. When I arrived back I was briefed that they wanted to dissuade me to St. Mary’s Police Station while they remain behind attacking my house and everybody inside.

I found people in running battles with the police all over and I just went into my house and sat. I was later told that when they asked me to go to the Police Station, they arrested 12 people who had visited me.

The whole chaos that took place in the area was as a result of aggression by the people who were in riot Police gear one whom I identified to be a ZANU PF youth who is not a member of our Police Services.

It must be known to all Zimbabweans that with the identification of a ZANU PF youth in riot Police gear, it must be known that all those people who are attacking and abusing human rights in Zimbabwe are ZANU PF who have been given police riot gear.

But this will never absolve the police from civil liabilities of paying constitutional damages for the violation of my liberty, peace and happiness. The Jestina Mukoko case is very clear.

A person can claim constitutional damages against those who violate your constitutional rights. I am compiling the names of all those who disturbed my constitutional rights and I am going to sue them in their individual capabilities.

I have the right as a lawyer to seek the remedies available from the Courts.

Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala
MDC National Vice Chairman