LIVE: Meet The Blind Man Who’s Busy Transforming Zimbabwe Into A Garden Of Eden, Literally
2 March 2020
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By Own Correspondent| ZimEye interviews Mr Sibonile Marwirana Myambo, a visually impaired man who has a vision to turn Zimbabwe into a garden of Eden, literally, and has has ready started this by creating a large conservation hectarage in Chimanimani, now set to become a major national tourist attraction.

“My vision is to create another Garden of Eden as a way of averting the causes of global warming,” said Mr Myambo.

He began this project 6 years ago and having successfully built this massive garden, he now wants the whole country to implement his concept.

He said instead of focusing on addressing the impact and symptoms of global warming and environmental degradation, his aim is to address and redress the root causes of the problem.

Working with 10 other villagers, Sibonile Mwarwirana has vowed that being blind will not deter his vision for a clean and environmentally sustainable community.

Watch the live video loading below for this and more…