WORLD HEARING DAY:Don’t Let Hearing Loss Limit You
2 March 2020
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Zimbabwe Online Health Centre

On the 3rd day of March, the nation will commemorate and raise awareness on how to prevent deafness and hearing so as to promote hearing across the world.

This day shall be celebrated under the theme; “Hearing for life.don’t let hearing loss limit you.An ear is the organ for hearing.

In monkeys, cats, and dogs the vestibular inner part of the ear also plays a definite role in the postural fixation of the head, orientation of the animal in space and reflexes accompanying locomotion and less in human where the vestibular organs are sometimes called the sense organs of balance.

Sound energy is transmitted into the ear through air as a disturbance of air molecules which means without the air molecules and such disturbance there is no sound to be heard.

When these disturbance take place we call it sound wave; for a brief overview of the anatomy and physiology.

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