South Africans Welcome Coronavirus With A Huge Humour – See Pictures
6 March 2020
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South Africans are the true definition of “If I die, I die”. The joke about everything?. The Country recorded their first case of CoronaVirus on Thursday March 5 after a 38 year old man who visited Italy with his wife tested positive to the Virus.

But instead of panicking and spreading rumors ,South Africans welcomed the virus with humour and equally organized a Corona virus challenge on Twitter.The challenge which was aimed at various preventive methods, people should adopt to avoid the spread of the virus turns out to be a thing of fun as they took it to a whole different level.

They subsequently replaced the formerly accepted name of the virus, Covid 19 and gave it a new name “”CORY””

COVID19 which is already in over 80Countries &’ve claimed over 3,000Lives.

According to Speculations on it impact on Africa is that South Africans might suffer the Highest Case Fatality considering the burden of HIV &TB in their Country.

But South Africans Just don’t Care?

This is hilarious?

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