Joana Mamombe Court Update: Even The Purest Fountain Is Not So Free
7 March 2020
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It’s been exactly 365 days plus two more days since I was arrested last year on the 4th of March & charged for Treason. Yesterday, I appeared in court & made an application to be removed from remand. Today, the Magistrate gave a ruling in favour of the state who opposed the application. She ruled that the Treason case is complex hence state needs more time before setting a trial date at the #HighCourt. The case has been postponed to Wednesday the 18th of March 2020. Despite all the persecution I presently face through these needless remands, I stand firm in my belief that even the purest fountain is not so free from mud, as I am innocent of these spurious allegations. All I am asking for is my day in court, and the State’s failure to provide a trial date vindicates my position that it has no case worth taking to trial and is bent on keeping me on remand to please its political masters. This however will not deter me in my quest for a better Zimbabwe. Many thanks to fellow Honourable Members of Parliament, Senior party leaders, Harare West MDC Members, Family & Friends for the unwavering support! A big shout out to my wonderful counsel Jeremiah Mutongi Bamu, I appreciate you Boss ??????

Struggle for a new Zimbabwe real !!!