Zim Diplomat Embarrasses The Country In The USA, Escapes Long Custody Due To Diplomatic Immunity
7 March 2020
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Macmillan Moyana

A high-level diplomat with the Embassy of Zimbabwe was arrested in January this year after forcing his way into a Gaithersburg home at random.

35yo Macmillan Moyana faced up to 50 years in prison. Prosecutors, however, dropped all charges because of diplomatic immunity.

Government has since recalled the officer from Zimbabwe’s embassy in Washington following the allegations. Moyana is now facing disciplinary action according to Public Service Commission (PSC) regulations.

He was arraigned before the courts in January, but the charges were later dropped due to diplomatic immunity.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade spokesperson Mrs Constance Chemwayi confirmed the incident yesterday.

“The ministry can confirm that one of our junior officers in Washington was recently involved in unbecoming behaviour that is unacceptable among our diplomats.

“The ministry swiftly took action and recalled him. He is currently under disciplinary action in accordance with the Public Service Commission regulations,” Mrs Chemwayi said in a statement.

According to media reports, the incident occurred at around 2 am on a Friday in late January.

Mr Moyana allegedly went to a house where a woman was sleeping with her two children.

The woman went to her front door and cracked it open, thinking it was merely a friend, family member or neighbour in need of assistance.

That is when the suspect tried to bum-rush the door, forcing entry into the house, and hitting the victim with the door, according to court documents.

Court documents note that the victim was still “foggy” from being awoken unexpectedly.

The victim stated that the suspect broke the panel of the door, but she was able to force him back and lock the door.

The woman called for help and when the police arrived, Mr Moyana was found in a nearby wood line near the victim’s house screaming and yelling.

Mr Moyana was charged with home invasion, second-degree assault, third-degree burglary, reckless endangerment, and trespassing.

All five counts carried a combined total of up to 50 years in prison, although they were later dropped.