BREAKING: Dzamara’s Lawyer Spills The Beans, Reveals Name Of ZRP Inspector Itai Clearly Said “Wants To Assassinate Me” | FULL TEXT.
9 March 2020
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Adv Kennedy Masiye

By Adv Kennedy Masiye| Today marks 5 years since Itai Dzamara’s abduction. I still remember him calling “where is my lawyer!” whilst laying side by side at the Avenue’s Clinic emergency room. This was after both of us had been tortured by the Zimbabwe Republic Police officers.

A few days before his abduction Itai Dzamara came to my office. In our discussion Itai told me that he feared for his life and he had information that the police led by Assistant Inspector Mutemi (Police Officer- Harare Central) & then Constable Matsikidze(Hre Central) wanted to assassinate him. It was going to be a few days later that I was going to receive a call from Mai Dzamara that her husband had been abducted at a local barbershop.

I was the first person to react to this tragedy. I drove to Itai’s residence, and then to the place he was abducted before helping Mai Dzamara make a police report at Glenorah police station.

What I know today after being part of a police led investigation to find Itai Dzamara is that the Police have information which they have ignored,neglected or simply refused to investigate!

The information regards the suspected abductors of Itai Dzamara who amongst other’s include:
Tichareva Mubaira�Liberty Shamu�Owen Ziwanai Mazarura � Tendai Chinyani �*Watson Marufu (KG6)
*Assistant Inspector Mutemi
*Constable Matsikidze
�One of the two suspected vehicles used in the abduction is a white double cab registration number ABG 2862. This vehicle was located and is owned by the then Zanu pf Youth Chairperson for Mbare. When the police questioned this “youth” he had paper work that showed that he purchased the vehicle from an auction at a local police Station in Harare a few weeks after Itai’s abduction. – ZimEye