Nick Mangwana Not Truthful, “There Is Nothing Being Done By The Government,” Dzamara’s Wife
10 March 2020
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Itai Dzamara

Own Correspondent|Missing activist Itai Dzamara’s wife, Sheffra, has expressed dismay over the manner in which the government is handling the issue.

She told reporters on Tuesday that “there is nothing being done by the government to find my husband.

“It appears as if someone can just be abducted like that with the government not doing anything to find the person. It’s very sad. My children are always asking me about their father and I’m at the same time asking the government to provide answers to what happened to my husband.”

She sent a letter to President Mnangagwa on Tuesday appealing for his help to find her husband, who was abducted by people in an unregistered vehicle while he was at a barbershop in Glenview, Harare.

Nick Mangwana, permanent information secretary said since Dzamara’s disappearance on March 9, 2015, a taskforce of “skilled detectives was put in place to investigate the matter.”

The ministry said a reward of US$10,000 from the Zimbabwe Republic Police is on offer on information on Dzamara’s whereabouts.

“The police have regularly issued public appeals for information including in recent times. They have also submitted nine reports to the High Court of Zimbabwe in compliance with the order of that court. These reports are publicly available.”