“Senator Rambanepasi Java Lights Up Buhera”
13 March 2020
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By Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo- Rising and prominent MDC Senator for Buhera district, Christine Rambanepasi nee Java has raised the development flag and banner high as she makes strong inroads in Buhera.

The senior MDC official and political stalwart was born on 11 November, 1961 from humble beginnings and she is cherished by many as an exemplary in society across political divide.

Senator Rambanepasi who rose through humble beginnings to become one of the strongest politicians in the modern day world because of her charity works.

The 59 year old politician is liked by many across the political divide. She has a story to tell which many academics and politicians have been pushing her to write a book. Senator Java is the mother to the two popular prominent preachers, Apostle Java and Pastor Passion Java.

She has been a giver from the onset, she took many by surprise after she won the hearts of many by mobilizing resources for the underprivileged and orphans not only in Buhera but across the country. Java left footprints in her popular home town, Chitungwiza where she has been paying fees for many, and dishing out a revolving fund for youth and women empowerment.

In her home village, Buhera she is loved by many across political spectrum. Contacted for comment in her village through a telephone interview, the rising star made it clear that she is on war path to break barriers of divisions and politics of label and she is on a mission to revive many who had lost hope and reviving them through an empowerment agenda.

Her philanthropic work began in the early 80s when she was known for dishing out goodies to old people’s homes, giving others, preaching and sharing the little she had and even going an extra mile to remain with nothing by offering what she had for others.

She sacrificed a lot for others. Her philanthropic work drew attention across the country when she has helped over 4000 children with food and school fees, and going to an extent of drawing her salary from parliament and donating to her constituencies. She has been hailed by many within MDC file ranks for her good works.

She is in the process of establishing a trustee which will be responsible for her philanthropic work, and the trustee will be named after her after realizing that all these good works must not be confined with Buhera district but the idea is to transform the whole Zimbabwe.

Schools that have benefited from her good works namely Chiteshe secondary school, Chawatama, both primary and secondary, chiturike , both primary and secondary, she has donated food hampers to traditional leaders and villagers in many parts of Buhera in what many have described her as tremendous in development. Rambanepasi, sober and level headed has contributed positively at senatorial level.

She campaigned vigorously for Nelson Chamisa and his MDC Led Alliance during the run up to 2018 elections making inroads in critical political hotspots, particularly in most rural parts of Manicaland Province. Rambanepasi is a widow, with five children.

She has been described by many as someone and who thrives on loyalty and self-dedication to service.

She believes in servant leadership. Despite being one of the prominent politicians, she has spent much of her time in her rural home in Buhera, mostly in schools assisting the underprivileged and preaching the gospel of peace.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is a Policy Advisor and Researcher, and he is also a lead Thinker for Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking (ZIST) and he can be contacted at [email protected]