Muchinguri Must Apologize For Sensitive Coronavirus Remarks -Prophet Makomichi
16 March 2020
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Farai Dziva|Masvingo based clergyman, Isaac Makomichi has said Zanu PF national chairperson and Defence Minister Oppah Muchinguri must apologize for the remarks she made about Coronavirus.

Muchinguri claimed Coronavirus was some form of punishment for the west because of “sanctions” imposed on Harare.

Speaking in an interview with on Monday Makomichi said Muchinguri must apologize for the remarks she made out of anger.Makomichi is the leader of Calvary Prayer Group.

“I know that Minister Muchinguri expressed the sentiments out of anger.

I also acknowledge the efforts being made by the government to resolve the economic crisis in the country.

The issue of sanctions is very sensitive but Minister Muchinguri must apologize for what she said,” said Makomichi.

“She said it because she is trying kugadzirisa nyika but vari kuona kunge ma sanctions ari kuvatadzisa,that woman is a Christian so she must apologize even atadzirwa because hatidzosere chakaipa nechakaipa.

Mathew 5:8 blessed are pure hearts because they shall see God.”