Small House’s Son Turns Up After 39yrs, Hello Dad I’m Your Son, And I Now Own 50% Of Your Entire Business.
16 March 2020
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By A Correspondent| Tomorrow the 17th of March, the High Court is hearing the lawsuit of the Edward Pfugari Estate vs the son of a small house who arrived after nearly half a century to begin calling himself the late businessman’s son (pushing away 4 siblings), chop off 50% of the estate’s business, and in recent days has ‘forged’ a birth certificate to claim he is Zimbabwean so to get a Residency Permit. He has also begun claiming that he got his schooling at Prince Edward High School, Harare.

The property mogul, Edward Pfugari died last year February at the age of 82.

His so called “son,” a South African, now alleges that he owns 50% of the late father’s businesses. He came 39 years later (in 1997) to suddenly begin claiming child rights and soon after the father’s death, he began saying he owns 50% of the father’s business. There are five children in this fight apart from Edward, who was born of another mother:

Edward (born 1958) the South African.

Stephen (born 1968)

Naomi (born 1968)

Henrietta, (born 1971)

Itai (born 1973)

To date he has reportedly wiped out USD 8million liquid cash from the estate’s bank accounts.

The Pfugari Estate is suing Edward Nyanyiwa for faking ID documents for a residency permit application. His application includes claims that he was born in Zimbabwe, of a Zimbabwean mother, that he has a Zimbabwean sister, that he went to Prince Edward School, Harare, and that he was employed by a Zimbabwean company.

In his pleading, he is saying ‘I did not at all discover my father in 1997 as previously reported, I was in touch with my father all along.’

He signed a company CR14 document saying he was a Director of his father’s business back in 1995. He began to claim he is a surviving director of his supposed father’s business. He said this entitles him to 50% shareholding.

Later, he somewhat realised that to be a surviving director does not at all mean he owns 50%.

It was established at a family meeting last year when it was asked ‘who are the directors?,’ and Edward did not claim himself a shareholder. He labelled himself a surviving Director.

Then on the 9th April 2019, he announced that he had shares in the company because he was a subscriber. He said ‘I had shares by virtue of being a subscriber of the company.’

It then turned out that the only subscribers were two lawyers and at that point, …on the 13th May 2019, a sister discovered the documents which show that the subscribers were two lawyers, which insantly dismissed Edward”s story. He however continued calling himself a shareholder. To date he has since submitted documents saying he was a Director in 1995.

Questions will be – if you were born in Zimbabwe, went to school here, and were a director and a shareholder since 1995, why are you looking for a Residency Permit a year after your “real” father’s death? The case is set to open a can of worms on the corruption at The Master of the High Court office, previously exposed by