Load Shedding Will Stop, Says Chasi
21 March 2020
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Fortune Chasi

Energy and Power Development Minister Fortune Chasi has attributed the abrupt increase in load shedding experienced over the past few days to a fault at Hwange Power Station.

Though the supply of electricity had generally improved since the beginning of the year, the past few days saw people experiencing 10 to 14 hours across Bulawayo without power.

In Entumbane and Trenance suburbs they spent 14 hours without electricity on Wednesday and Thursday. In Richmond suburb they spent about 10 hours over the same days with no power.
Speaking at a Press conference at a Bulawayo hotel yesterday, Minister Chasi said the load shedding is temporary as work is underway to bring the two units back online.

“Generally, there is an upward trend in the supply of electricity and the trend will continue in that way. Currently there are two units which broke down at Hwange Power Station and we are very hopeful that they will be brought online very soon,” said Minister Chasi.

He added that less electricity should be expected from Kariba Hydro Power Station due to low water level at Lake Kariba.

“There have been inflows into the dam but we don’t want to begin to use that water at the moment because we are in a water conservation mode which is currently at 12 percent. We obviously need to grow that water significantly for power generation. We are happy that the rains up north are resulting in inflows and we need much more rains in order to be comfortable to go back to relying on Kariba,” said Minister Chasi. Chronicle/state media