Coronavirus Fears At Chinese Mining Firm
22 March 2020
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By A Correspondent- Chinese milling company based in Glendale has forced their workers to stay at the mine for 3 days in fear of the spread of Corona Virus.

Some workers were temporarily suspended from work for two months after they went out of the mine yard.

The company general manager only identified as Neyma or “Bigger boss” said they conducted a meeting with their workers who volunteered to stay at the mine in a bid to avoid mixing with different people who might be contaminated with Coronavirus.

“We put this preparatory measure as a was of minimizing the spread of the pandemic our workers volunteered as you have heard in South Africa the disease is already wrecking havoc so we do not want these workers to bring the virus here,”he said.

Quizzed on why the company suspended some of its workers Neymar said they will come back when the management decides on their fate.

“The management will decide on that matter but we did not fire them as alleged they are on suspension even the president of this country called for the closure of colleges and schools so our case is not a special one.”

Workers who spoke to this publication bemoaned the move and regarded it as abusive.

“We are being abused by these Chinese how can they put us in curfew yet the disease is wrecking havoc in their country not ours for the past three days we are being forced to sleep in a workshop and we are so crowded,”said one worker who declined to be named.

Another worker said he was suspended after he told the management that he wanted to have time with his family.

“I was suspended from work because l requested to see my family and they told me to choose between work and family so l decided to go to my family so this is an abuse,” lamented another worker.

Concession district medical officer Rachel Sosera said they have not recorded any case of Corona Virus in the district and she is not aware why the company has put that measure.

“We have not recorded any case of Corona Virus in our district so we are not aware why that company has put that measure,” Sosera said.-Byo24