Coronavirus: No Wedding Bells In Zimbabwe For Next Two Months
23 March 2020
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As the coronavirus continues to take a toll on virtually every sector, the Zimbabwean justice system is the latest to issue preventative guidelines, with the most drastic being the cancellation of court weddings.

Instead, Chief Justice Luke Malaba said those who had booked for their weddings would need to rebook after two months.

In addition, Malaba said trials and non urgent hearings must be postponed for a period of no less than two months except for urgent matters such as bail and initial remand hearings.

The superior courts will also not conduct any hearings in chambers.

“In instances where hearings are held, these should be confined to parties involved in the case and their legal practitioners,” Malaba said.

“Those not involved in the case are discouraged from attending or coming to court.”

The Chief Justice further added that those coming to courts should be sanitised when going in and out of courts, maintain a distance of at least two metres from each other and that every surface that is used should be disinfected.

So far, the government has announced two cases of coronavirus and one fatality, that of broadcaster Zororo Makamba.

A number of measures have been announced to curb the spread of the disease, but so far, many have not heeded to those directives.

Among the measures announced by President Emmerson Mnangagwa where that weddings should not go ahead.

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