Mnangagwa’s Arrogance May Have Carried Coronavirus To ZANU PF Nyanga Rally
24 March 2020
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Part of the crowd that Mnangagwa exposed to Coronavirus Infection last week.

Own Correspondent|Following revelations that Zororo Makamba met with several ZANU PF and government officials during the incubation period of his Coronavirus Infection, chances are now very high that some of the people he mingled with may have contracted the virus and subsequently ferried it to the ZANU PF rally held in Nyanga last week.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa surprisingly held the political rally barely 24 hours after the government banned all public gatherings as preventive measures against the coronavirus.

The President himself was the one who announced that all public gatherings of 100 or more people had been suspended for the next 60 days. In the same announcement, the President declared the coronavirus a national disaster.

Perhaps mindful of the widespread criticism his decision to hold the rally was drawing, Mnanagwa sought to defend it, saying:

“Today is 18 March, tomorrow is Thursday the 19th, Friday is the 20th, so my decree will come into effect on Friday. Right now, you have the right to gather as you have done, you have broken no rules.”

Mnangagwa’s arrogance ignored the fact that the Coronavirus scourge would not wait for his so claimed date and as a result may have exposed the thousands who attended the rally.

The web of people who came in contact with broadcaster and socialite Zororo Makamba, who succumbed to coronavirus yesterday, is difficult to trace after it emerged that he mingled with dozens of people following his return from the United States.

Makamba met many people in his business and social life, even when he was allegedly ill, that are yet to be tracked down by the Government.

In Government circles, Deputy Chief Secretary (Presidential Communications) Mr George Charamba confirmed that Makamba visited the Office of the President and Cabinet and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. There, Makamba interacted with three officials who have since been tested and put on a 21-day self-quarantine. The offices were fumigated on Sunday.

Without doubt some of these people definitely met up with people who eventually attended the ZANU PF rally or they themselves attended the rally.