Colcom admits Sudden Death Of Male Worker But Says the “Zororo-Style” Death Was Not Caused By Coronavirus | #COVID-19
26 March 2020
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By Business Reporter| Zimbabwe’s leading pork producer which supplies meat products and fresh pig cuts has admitted its male butchery worker truly died at work in Harare yesterday, Thursday.

Mr Thomas Matosi dropped dead while at work at the company’s Rotten Row butchery yesterday. 2 hrs later, Colcom threatened legal action against ZimEye as they suggested that the article was libelous.

They also claimed that there were no attempts to reach them for a comment, although there were more than 6 attempts over a 2 hour period.

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Questions sent to Colcom were as follows:

1. Did the company perform health and safety precautions to assist your employee before his death? 

2. What health and safety measures were taken after he collapsed?

3. Are members of the public safe to visit Colcom ? 

4. Do you now have a health assessment of what really took place? 

But in a twist of events, the company has written to this reporter on the morning of the 26th March saying their male worker truly dropped dead while at work. They however refused to reveal the cause of death.

Colcom’s Marketing Executive told ZimEye in writing:

  1. The deceased passed on due to a prior medical condition which we are not at liberty to disclose.
  2. The death was NOT as a result of COVID-19 as stated in your article.
  3. Our facilities and shop environments cater to health and safety of our staff as well as our customers. We have put in place necessary measures in adherence to directives from our Government as well as guidelines and updates issued by the WHO and Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC)
  4. You are most welcome to visit our shop and verify these measures

– Chiedza Makomva

Meanwhile, Mr Matosi’s death strikes similar nodes to that of the late journalist Zororo Makamba who dropped dead while taking a walk outside Wilkins Hospital early this week. Matosi died soon after showing symptoms of coughing and complaining at work that he was not feeling well. He dropped dead while literally working. During yesterday’s program, callers announced that there are two women in Harare’s Glen Norah suburb who also collapsed and died instantly.

Doctors say Coronavirus is asymptomatic, meaning a victim can go on for sometime without knowing they are infected.