Opposition Party Condemns Barbaric Attack On Hapless Bulawayo Women By ZRP Cops
11 May 2020
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Is our nation haunted by the after-effects of the liberation struggle where violence during the war was justified as a means to an end and had become a modus operandi for the liberation warfighters? Sad that we witness the manifestation of this generational curse today in our country.

Those who hold the levers of power which they acquired through hook and crook have become the agents of oppression of our people, the perpetrators and presiding officers of moral, social and legal decay that continue to eat through the fabric of our society.
Our people appear to have surrendered themselves to fate and hopelessness.

Suffice to say that our people are resilient and are inherent fighters for their own justice and their own liberation.

Time is coming when our people will reclaim that dignity, their rights and their country.
Some have asked what kind of citizens have we become by allowing such monstrosity and abuse to happen in our midst? Police brutality is endemic and flourishing in our country. There is no end in sight.

The recent incident in Cowdray Park where the police acting on behalf of the state allegedly brutalized two defenceless women proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the police are now law themselves. Who will police the police?

The Economic Freedom Fighters Zimbabwe unequivocally condemns the alleged savage attack on the innocent and defenceless women in Cowdray Park. The women were allegedly arrested, assaulted and detained for no apparent reason.

More alarming is that, it is alleged the police were barbarically insulting the women for being beautiful and for being Ndebele.

EFF Zimbabwe categorically condemns tribalism wherever it happens and by whoever perpetrates it.

We are Zimbabweans first and foremost, and our tribes are the beacons of nationhood and national unity. The diversity of our tribes and cultures must unite us as a people and never be used to divide us. We advocate for ONE NATION and a borderless continent.

The ruling and ruining Zanu PF regime has over the years used the men and women in uniform for selfish political and propaganda purposes to continue to cling onto power. It is clearly evident that the police have adopted this unconstitutional role and they are practising it with impunity.

Police have become the enemies of citizens they are meant to serve and protect from lawlessness and disorder and EFF Zimbabwe demands nothing short of justice for Cowdray Park women.

We demand the immediate suspension from work of the arrested police suspects pending a full investigation by an independent body.
Justice must be done as a matter of urgency.

EFF Zimbabwe stands boldly with victims of police brutality. We reaffirm our condemnation of this tribalistic nature and deed by state agents.

We call upon the Minister of Home Affairs and police commissioner to immediately issue a statement condemning the criminal and tribalistic acts perpetrated by some members of the police in Cowdray Park.

EFF Zimbabwe demands action to address this endemic professional decay in the police force.

We stand resolute in our demands and we will fight, push and collectively expose the evil hand of the political discourse that promotes divisions amongst our people.

EFF Zimbabwe fights for every Zimbabwean, in particular, the suffering masses regardless of tribe, creed, skin colour, race, gender and sexual orientation.

We are ONE NATION and ONE PEOPLE. We demand justice for all, we demand it now.

Police officers