Never Vote For Poor Politicians, Mliswa Tells MDC Supporters…
14 May 2020
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Outspoken Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has urged the opposition MDC supporters not to vote for poor politicians saying they will end up serving their interests ahead of the nation and their party.

Mliswa was commenting on the power tussles currently bedevilling the MDC saying the real drama will begin when the house resumes sitting.

“MDC-A/MDC-T showdown and saga will only take off once Parliament resumes sitting. It’s obvious that those not supporting Chamisa are those who won’t win the elections. It only makes sense for them to be aligned with Khupe,” said Mliswa.

He questioned the rationale of the the legislators who have chosen to follow Dr Thokozani Khupe saying it could be those who are sure they will not win elections.

“BUT that begs the question- how far will they go with Khupe? This is a lesson for the electorate- never vote for poor politicians as it’s obvious they will serve their interests first before they look to taking care of anyone else.

“This is why it’s important for public office bearers to declare their assets. I also foresee the international community bear down hard on ZANU – PF Govt as they will deem the development as an undemocratic process. They will not say anything but they will quietly act,” said Mliswa.