EU Ambassador Corners Nick Mangwana
15 May 2020
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By Own Correspondent| The European Union Ambassador to Zimbabwe Timo Olkkonen has cornered Information Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana over his dismissal of reports of abduction and torture of opposition MDC Alliance youth leaders by state security agents, enquiring if his propaganda tweet represented a government position.

Mangwana tweeted that the abduction of the trio was “a poorly choreographed attempt to throw a curve ball at the system.”

“It’s a diversionary tactic. A poorly choreographed attempt to throw a curve ball at the system. But you can’t fool people by playing the same scene many times over and expect to successfully pull wool over their eyes. You have been seen a mile away. Nicole Charity Maodza-Hondo,” posted Mangwana.

But the EU Ambassador questioned if Mangwana’s statement with the regards to abduction reports represented the position of the government.

“Permanent Secretary, is this an official government position?,” responded Olkkonen.

Mangwana has on countless times come under fire from people over his divisive social media posts and failure to separate government positions from personal views.