“The Same Police Who Arrested, But Refused To Assist Look For My Daughter Are Guarding Her Hospital Bed In Dozens”: Abducted Cecilia Chimbiri’s Father
17 May 2020
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Father of one of the abducted MDC Youth leaders Cecilia Chimbiri has expressed shock at police conduct who are guarding her daughter and two others’ hospital beds in their numbers despite orchestrating their arrest, detention, disappearance and torture.

Chimbiri queried the motive of the police who are reportedly all of a sudden guarding the hospital where the trio are receiving medical treatment in their dozens.

“They are the ones who arrested them before they mysteriously disappeared while in police custody. When I tried engaging the officer commanding Harare Central he threatened me and said he will call his bosses to deal with me for being a nuisance. The police never helped look for the girls, never even made an effort and yet they are here in their numbers. Why? They are even refusing to let me go and see my daughter….this is shocking!”

Hear him speak in the video below…..