“Politicians Have Failed The Nation”
22 May 2020
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By Kumbirai Mutengo- I hope i find you well all progressive Zimbabweans. We are all children of this land and strive for the best for our families and this nation. The home is the foundation of this nations. My worry is to all families who are moving around churches to look for food.

I am saddened by the state of the nation. 90% of our young people are unemployed and survive on hand to mouth. Due to the current lockdown most families are finding difficult to secure decent meals.

This coronavirus that has come is not the first disaster we have more coming we need to be prepared. After 40 years of Independence the nation has no reserves to bail the country for the misfortune.

Indeed politicians have failed this country both the opposition and the ruling government. Politicians fight for power while the poor become more poorer. Politics should be about leadership, serving the people and protecting the disadvantaged.

It is only in Zimbabwe where you find one person being a leader of two political parties. It is only in Zimbabwe where you find democrats who abuse the name for their own benefit.

Our duty as human rights activists is to defend the rights of the vulnerable. We are supposed to be the voice of the voiceless. If politicians have failed the country the masses will speak for themselves. Politics is not supposed to be a profession but a callling. A call of serve the people and not self-serve.

My beloved Zimbabwe let’s put our trust in God for He is our own saviour. But we will not stop defending the rights of the oppressed,the rights of poor.For we are inspired to serve.All men are equal and our voice needs to be heard.

My beloved people elections do not change anything. Do not give too much hope in election but what’s more important is build yourself,community and your country.Be the change you want to be.

My message young people is that build projects together and build the way forward for this country. In times of disaster, in times of coronavirus noone will bail you out.Create your own retirement package.

Make projects that give you income. Young people you cannot do not this as individuals but as a pride of lions because a lions that does not hunt, starves.