Mnangagwa’s Magnitude Of Brutality Shocking. ..
15 June 2020
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Farai Dziva|The MDC Alliance Youth Assembly has described Emmerson Mnangagwa’s magnitude of brutality as shocking.

See full statement below :

The MDC Alliance Youth Assembly is very disturbed by the regime’s move to deny our female youth leaders bail.

We maintain that our comrades were abducted, tortured and sexually abused and as such they are supposed to appear in any normal court as complainants and not as the accused.

The denial of bail of Cecilia Chimbiri, Netsai Marova and Joanna Mamombe by the Rotten Row Magistrates Courts is a clear confirmation of judiciary capture by the junta.

It is also clear that the continued persecution by prosecution of the trio is a deliberate attempt by the shameless regime to cover up for the abduction case.

As an Assembly we are going to take Emmerson Mnangagwa head on until justice for the trio is served.

Stephen Sarkozy Chuma

MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson

Mr Mnangagwa