Prayer For Zimbabwe:Zanu PF Must Go
15 June 2020
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By Blessing Simpson Madzima

The nation must go into prayer and fasting for this regime to go.

We pray in Jesus name and the Almighty God for Mnangwagwa to have his sense and mental state restored so that he can have his insight back to see reality that he is not wanted to lead Zimbabwe.

He must see his failures, incompetence and lack of qualifications to run the office of the President.

May God let him understand that he is an evil man who is possessed by the worst demons of Judeo.

His works and deeds are epitomize the barbaric and evil world.

Oh Mighty God! We are praying for a People’s government that respects your values and the dignity of love and peace. Your people have suffered long.

This time it’s different, your people are not captured in Egypt. They are captured in their own land.

Pharaoh came with his army and his judges to Canaan specifically to persecute and brutalise your people. We know you are God of mercy, help your people and remove this Goliath from our land.


Zanu PF