Jonathan Moyo’s Fears Confirmed As Mahere’s Manager Mocks Dr Nkululeko Over A Mere Accent
23 June 2020
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What’s going on in Zimbabwe today, in the MDC Alliance especially: Chamisa’s party is mocked for turning into a Salad Party and this is portrayed in the following emotional graphic, quoting the Twitter fame-flame, Fadzai Mahere who calls Bulawayo, “Bhuluweyo,” and Harare, “Harari.” It is said Chamisa’s MDC has been reduced to a Salad party and an artiste describes it on top of a bottle of Heinz Salad cream.

And now suddenly Mahere’s own campaign manager ‘confirms’ it in a tweet mocking the strategist, Dr Nkululeko Sibanda on a mere accent, saying Chamisa wants to remove him and appoint him, Musasiwa, in his place ‘because’he has a fake British accent. So far, Prof Jonathan Moyo has tagged Mahere’s Bhuluweyo video under the catchphrase, “ZANU PF must go,” somewhat suggesting that the MDC Alliance has become captured.  


The graphic portrayed by an artiste
Kuda Musasiwa

By A Correspondent | The MDC Alliance spokesperson, Fadzai Mahere’s 2018 election campaign manager, Kuda Musasiwa, has announced saying MDC President Nelson Chamisa wants to replace the top expert Dr Nkululeko Sibanda as his Presidential spokesperson.

His claims, contained in a tweet that remained unchallenged by Chamisa 3 days later, comes 3 weeks after Chamisa replaced Hon Daniel Molokele with Mahere in what some say was a good move, while others complain saying her rise to influence in the MDC Alliance is too sudden, and could turn disastrous.

Musasiwa ran Mahere’s entire 2018 election campaign, when Mahere thought she would defeat the MDC Alliance in Harare’s Mt Pleasant surbub.

Musasiwa is also known for plotting to rid the MDC Alliance of the capital city, Harare, having ganged up with Acie Lumumba (Gerald Mutumanje), Evan Mawarire, and a small group of zealots before the 2018 elections.

During that time Musasiwa would clash with the MDC stalwart Jameson Timba, who would in turn swear saying Fadzai Mahere prides herself in mere Twittership. Both Mahere and Musasiwa would regularly clash with the MDC Alliance until the day when she was given the heavy slap of reality that the MDC Alliance rules the city.

Fast forward, to June 2020, Musasiwa’s boss, the same Mahere, has risen to the post of running the entire information engine of the party she planned to crush (she has taken the shoes of the last most powerful spokesperson of the MDC Alliance, Obert Gutu, who had presidential ambitions, and remains a thorn in the flesh in the side of the MDC Alliance to this day.)

Her rise is clearly sudden, and it is at this time, that Musasiwa is seen announcing that he has been contacted by Chamisa for to replace Dr Sibanda, a claim that has remained unchallenged up to the time of the publication of this article.

While efforts to get a comment from Chamisa were fruitless at first (he later on dismissed the claim saying it is all false, there’s no truth at all in it), Musasiwa had openly published his tweet saying, ” even the president said to me that he (Nkululeko Sibanda)’s a clown and offered me his job. “

He also mocked Dr Sibanda saying he has a fake British accent. He said, “haiwawo Blaz uye ibaranzi..

“Aigija with a BriS**t accent yefeja. Nxa.”

Dr Sibanda has for more than 20 years proved to be not only an MDC loyale since his student union days when he was tortured by the CIO in the Midlands area, but worked hard to shape the MDC Alliance’s political strategy, and had Morgan Tsvangirai listened to him at the time of the coup, Mnangagwa would have been subdued during the very military takeover that removed Robert Mugabe. He supplied strategic intelligence that the MDC must not march to remove Mugabe or participate in impeachment drives until securing a state reform deal underwritten by the United Nations.

On the other hand, both Mahere and Musasiwa have no history of sacrifice to the struggle for democracy apart from participating in ED-Lacoste protests before the 2017 coup.

COMMENT – Meanwhile, should the development be true, firing Dr Sibanda especially at this time, will be disastrous for Nelson Chamisa and the entire party, while giving political ammunition to his nemesis, Douglas Mwonzora. Subsequently the person to gain out of all this is Emmerson Mnangagwa, there perhaps won’t be any need for ZANU PF to use state security against Chamisa, he will have finished himself.