Chris Mutsvangwa Accuses Jonathan Moyo Of Running A Controversial Twitter Account In His Name.
24 June 2020
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State Media

Jonathan Moyo with Chris Mutsvangwa

War veteran’s leader Chris Mutsvangwa has disowned Twitter accounts in his name saying they are creations of self-exiled G40 kingpin Jonathan Moyo.

This comes after a purported exchange between him and fellow war veterans’ leader Victor Matemadanda on Twitter is being circulated on social media platforms.

However, Mutsvangwa, who has been a subject of a choreographed campaigns by elements that are traceable to the decapitated G40 clique, said he is being attacked for the role he played in thwarting power grab antics by the Moyo clique.

“I do not have a Twitter account now and never had one. The Twitter account bearing my name and my picture is a creation of G40 Jonathan Moyo. He feels entitled to the ZANLA wing of the historical national liberation movement by hereditary writ.

“He views his Christopher Mutsvangwa as his nemesis as in the November 2017 Operation Restore Legacy. This stems from my role as Chairman of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association-(ZNLWA). We spearheaded the drive to thwart his treacherous G40 antics at power grab by this traitor of long practice since he absconded from Mgagau Camp ZANLA ranks in 1975-6. This was after Ndabaningi Sithole was rejected and jettisoned as leader of ZANU by the guerrilla army. Jonathan Moyo returned to racist Rhodesia to report back to his racist white handlers,” he said.

At one point the phantom accounts in his name called for dialogue between the Revolutionary Party Zanu PF and the MDC Alliance, something that Ambassador Mutsvangwa never said.

Last year’s messages were sent on a fake Twitter account purported to be Ambassador Mutsvangwa’s, which he denied saying he suspected Moyo to be behind it.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa’s name has been registered on no less than five accounts while Matemadanda and other leaders of the ruling party have also had fake accounts created in their names.

Under Twitter’s Impersonation Rules a person that pose as another person, brand, or organization in a confusing or deceptive manner may be permanently suspended but fake account holders usually get away with their crimes by opening multiple accounts