Mwonzora 6yrs Later: Biti Stole 150 Cars And USD23mln From Tsvangirai In 2013 | TRUTH or UTTER NONSENSE?
6 July 2020
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By Farai D Hove| The MDC renegade, Douglas Mwonzora has announced sudden allegations that the Alliance Deputy Tendai Biti and colleagues misappropriated US$23 million stashed for the party in a bank in Botswana.

Speaking during a video recorded address, Mwonzora said, 150 party vehicles were stolen after the 2013 elections. He said this as he swung a direct inference at his predecessor, Tendai Biti.   

He said the late Morgan Tsvangirai was duped by people he says are thieves. Mwonzora’s allegations however, come at a time when he failed to speak on the said “theft” during the many years running up to Tsvangirai’s death in February 2018. Furthermore he had more than ample time in his hands, several years, holding the powerful post of Secretary General from 2014 to 2019, a time when he could have even authoritatively spoken on it. Mwonzora’s action and inaction thus make him a direct accomplice in his own allegations.

Despite all this, he confidently continues to announce: 

”  [Chalton] Hwende went to parliament thinking that he would have powers to remove us.

“He went wearing clean clothes. He was wearing his blue suit, with sharp ended shoes, thinking of of how he would remove Mwonzora.

“This was battle number one: we were the ones given the powers to remove MPs, counselors; they fought us in court, and we defeated them in court over those powers.”

He then begins to make his allegations of theft, saying:  ” What people did not know is that Tsvangirai had a system to keep two copies, one at Harvest House, another at the Safe House. 

“There are very few people who know where this Safe House is, we will not tell them.

” The other copies are kept with the Secretary General, so I had the papers, they are all with the Secretary General.  I wont tell them; so I had the papers this building is ours it is owned by the party, the papers are here.

“We did not know Mr Mudzuri, that the party has 150 cars, we did not know where they are.

“The 150 cars were stolen, the papers are here, so we are now going after our cars, we are now going after our motorbikes.

“We have people who disappeared with USD23 million, not bond. You remember in 2013 we used to use US dollars, there were people who lied to Baba Tsvangirai, and said President we have been told by CIO, there will be a runoff, so we are now taking this money to bank it in Botswana.

“After elections, Tsvangirai then said, on the 23 million, take out 5 million so that we can rebuild the party, then these people began attacking Tsvangirai using big words such as debauchery, and leadership renewal. 

“It was all an issue of money, nothing else. so these thieves we are going after them, we know them well.”

Efforts to get a comment from Tendai Biti were fruitless at the time of publishing.