Cash Strapped ZBC Stops Providing Lunch To Employees Except For “Critical Workers.”
10 July 2020
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ZBC has introduced a host of cost cutting measures according to a leaked memo from the broadcaster’s HR department to the entire ZBC staff.

The state broadcaster announced that there will be no transport allowances for people who are being ferried from home by ZUPCO and lunch will be provided to critical stuff only and photocopying will be centralised.

Below is the memo.


The above subject matter refers.

Please be advised that the following cost cutting measures are being instituted with immediate effect:


Considering that the organisation contract. ZUPCO to ferry employees from home to work during this Covid-19 era. Employees reporting for duty using ZUPCO will no longer be entitled to transport allowance. Only critical staff is required to report for duty, the rest must .ay at home unless advised otherwise.


The corporation shall be serving one starch and one type of meat per given day. Standard portions shall be served going forward. Only critical staff shall be served meals against the submitted list from the Departmental Head.


All photocopying shall be done through our registry department unless advised otherwise.

Stay safe and healthy by observing all precautions to avoid the spread of COVID- 19.


S. Chichaya Director-Human Resources and Administration