Social Media Hash Tag Gets Mnangagwa Agitated And Ready To Kill.
5 August 2020
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Heavily Armed Soldiers block citizens at every corner to protect Mnangagwa

The hashtag #Zimbabweanlivesmatter which has been used in local and international social media to draw attention to the wave of arrests and human rights abuses in Zimbabwe has got President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his goverment into a serious panic mode.

Mnangagwa has gone to the extent of labelling the main opposition party “terrorist” and vowed to continue a crackdown on his opponents.

Several opposition members and government critics have been arrested in recent days and rights groups allege security forces have carried out illegal abductions.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights says it has represented more than 20 people detained since last week, when the military and the police thwarted an anti-government protest that had been scheduled for Friday.

In an address on state television Tuesday, President Emmerson Mnangagwa described critics as “a few bad apples” that should be “overcome” and indicated that arrests would continue.

“We will overcome attempts at the destabilisation of our society by a few rogue Zimbabweans acting in league with foreign detractors,” he said, warning that “bad apples who have attempted to divide our people and to weaken our systems will be flushed out … Enough is enough.”

Mnangagwa made the speech as local and international pressure mounted on his administration over allegations of human rights abuses.

Watch video below as the SABC tackles Mnangagwa’s panic mode.