DSTV Getting Rid Of The Satellite Dish
21 August 2020
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The new DSTV Strema


Multichoice launched a slew of devices and services including its Explora Ultra decoder that is now joined by DStv Streama, an internet-enabled set-top box that allows anyone to access DStv without the need for a satellite dish on top of support third-party apps and services like YouTube.

Accessing DStv will be through the newly launched DStv app that allows one to watch everything DStv over the top without the need for a satellite dish. All one requires is an active subscription and internet to start streaming. Supported apps besides DStv include Mulitchoice’s own Showmax, YouTube, Joox, and other yet to be mentioned services.

However, subscriptions to these services will be separate from that of DStv. Also, customers will require a DStv account to use the Streama, though, no active DStv subscription is required.

The DStv Streama runs on the RDK platform and supports internet connections via WiFi and an ethernet cable. The RDK platform is an operator-tier platform for broadband, TV, and IoT devices designed and operated by a collective of TV operators.

The DStv Streama is capable of handling 4K content but the availability of this content is subject to services one is subscribed on top of having a 4K enabled TV set. It should be noted that none of Multichoice’s owned services support 4K, maybe something might change with the newly launched OTT DStv Service.

Details on pricing and availability of the Streama remain unknown as well.