The Desperacy Of the MDCs Unmasked
10 September 2020

By Dr Masimba Mavaza and Energy Mavaza | The opposition affiliated media was brimming with plastic assumptions and heightened verve in relation to the ANC delegation visit to Harare. Amidst the raveging Covid-19 pandemic, the ANC finds it fit to check on its brother on how he is managing in all aspects of life. It is unfortunate to note that the remaining strength of the dying opposition, which is the social media, find it fit to muddle the visit by soiling the all-weather relations between ANC and ZANU pf.

It is fascinating to note that the opposition deliberatly acts amnesia to the historical relationship between the two parties. ZANU pf had been through the worst of challenges but the ANC had been standing firmly on its brothers side. One wonders what could have gone wrong in the minds of the social media jounalist to cook up a tea-cup storm for such an ever strengthening relation.

The arrival of Magatshule’s led ANC delagation is a mere testimony of the strong relation between the two parties. Any friend who gives it all by scaling high barricades of lockdown just to see his friend is a special one. Imagine, South Africa is reeling from exponential Covid-19 cases but the president Spared an thought for his fellow revolutionary ally so as to affirm the relations in face of this common enemy.

With all the buzz in the social media the crisis or alleged crisis is in the mouths of the opposition and their choir of the so called activists.

The coming of the Magathsula’s delegation was not an intervention move. ANC is a revolutionary political party which comes to Zimbabwe to visit another revolutionary party.

Ace Magashule in his opening remarks this morning indicated that other groups will be met in later engagements because they requested to be met.

After the meeting *ZANU PF and the visiting ANC DELEGATION gave a communique and a combined press statement. Contrary to the rumour meal which was being peddled by the thump soldiers and social media brigade the meeting came with resolutions.

The resolutions were 1 Reinvigoration of the ties between ANC and ZANU PF and strengthing of integration programmes
2. Crime and corruption must be confroted head on by both Parties.

3. There will be increased consolidation gains of the liberation struggle.

4. There has been a consesus between the two Parties to work together on addressing the challenge of fake news.

5. New values of opness and honesty have been emphasised.

7. Sanctions and embagoes are one of the biggest problems for Zimbabwe.

8. Aspirations of the people are at the centre of our priorities.

9. The two Parties have Agreed to empower their citizens on both sides of the border.

10. There has been an agreement by both Parties to meet regularly.

11. The two Parties have resolved to cooporate on issues of common interest.
Cde Magatshula on his part said
“We are committed to self introspection. Whatever we do should put people in front. Whenever there are challenges, such challenges should be confronted. So we consolidated that we work together because we are one.
We recommitted to working together and working with our people.”

ANC Secretary General Cde Magatshule on issues of human rights said, “as long as there are sanctions there can never be a conducive environment to develop. Therefore we continue to make a plea for the immediate uplifting of sanctions against Zimbabwe.

We respect the rights to freedom of association, rights to speech, all human rights in general. We commited ourselves to listen to the views of others. We encourage interaction with others.”

ANC Secretary General Cde Magatshule concluded by saying “Our minerals belong to us and we must no let other people take what is ours. Empowerment of our people is key. This was a wonderful meeting.

Social media should not set the pace for us with regards to our challenges and everything.
Report accurately and positively.”
This puts to rest the lies which were being circulated that ANC was coming to call Zimbabwe to order.

The most curious aspect of all this is that the Ambassador of the United states joined the queue with opposition parties to see the visiting ANC delegation. Whatever the reason we wait to see.

Zimbabwe welcomed the solidarity by the ANC in these times of troubles. It is a shame that some Zimbabweans are busy vilifying Zimbabwe tarnishing the image of our country. Zimbabwe is mot in any crisis. The only crisis we see is the crisis in our opposition.

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