Revolutionary Farewell Leader Hon. Amai Miriam Mushayi – From Mash West
12 September 2020
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BY Taurai Justin Munyaradzi

Its Mashonaland west, Zimbabwe 1999, the national economy is evidently on a downfall, political tensions are high, there is widespread political violence and victimization in cities and towns, farms and rural areas, its either you join ZANU PF or you perish. Robert Mugabe and the JOC are practically utilizing their ‘degrees in violence’ on innocent citizens.

However, the winds of change are blowing across the country, the people’s project, the people’s party christened Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has hit the ground running. Intensive mass mobilization and setting up of steering committees in Mash-West Province is underway.

Led by dedicated cadres, men and women of courage and determination. Heroes and heroines who were clear and unmoved by the dreaded CIO and ZANU PF militia’s victimization.

One such heroine was Hon. Amai Miriam Mushayi (MHDSRIEP).
Pen and paper cannot satisfactorily capture the life of such a heroine. Fearless, clear and loyal to the democratization agenda.

As risky as it was then, especially for women, alongside fellow heroines Mai Kanopepereka, Loveness Chaka, Hilda Musendami and Madam Ldr. Kadaira, just to mention but a few, Hon. Amai Miriam Mushayi fought viciously for a better Zimbabwe.

From Golden Kopje Mine workers Union, ZCTU, NCA (as it was back then), to the Secretary General’s post in the MDC Mash-West Main Wing which was chaired by Ldr. Silas Matamisa (MHDSRIEP). Hon. Amai Mushayi was a natural leader, articulate and dedicated to the highest level. Over time she rose through the ranks to the MDC National women’s Assembly and other positions before being appointed into the Standing Committee.

A fierce orator and yet charming at the same time, a bundle of positive energy, an inspiration that woken the political spirit in many who had the privilege to listen to her speeches. From ZCTU Labor Forums, Constitutional Reform Presentations to MDC rallies in Robert Mugabe’s rural Zvimba, Hurungwe, Mhangura, she was all over Mash-West mobilizing and sowing the seeds of change in Party Building activities.

Thanks to Hon. Amai Mushayi and the MDC Provincial Leadership at that critical time, Gladman Mhlambeni (MHDSRIEP), Lawrence Mlambo and youth leaders Raymond Matonga, Tichafa Mpukuta (MHDSRIEP) and Charles Mashonganyika the people’s project grew, winning the Chegutu and Kariba Mayoral Elections in 2001.

Thanks to Hon. Mai Mushayi’s fundraising efforts and coordination of the Support Group, MDC Mashonaland West was one of the well-resourced provinces in the MDC.

Thanks to Hon. Amai Mushayi the first fliers, posters and T-shirts were printed by her company, Hoopstad Stationers where current Chinhoyi Mayor Clr Dyke Makumbi was in charge of distribution within the province.

Tears may dry, but memories of your selfless leadership will never fade. Your legacy, Hon. Amai Mushayi will live on. You were and still are a pillar of democracy as the fight against tyranny in the form ZANU PF is still on.

You are gone too soon Hon. Amai Mushayi. Yes, it’s too soon, the people’s project is under attack from ZANU funded functionaries. Individuals who are supping with the devil’s incarnate ZANU PF to destroy the big tent created by the Iconic MDC President Tsvangirai (MHDSRIEP). Rest in Power daughter of the soil, heroine par excellence, the MDC family will miss you lots. You fought a good fight and your efforts will not go in vain. Change is near, the seeds you sowed will be sure to complete the last my Mile under the able leadership of President Advocate Chamisa as you wished.

Go well our Heroine, go well Amai, and go well our Leader, our MP, till we meet…….