Drama In Guruve As Old Man Throws Bucket Full OfManure On Girlfriend’s Bed
20 September 2020

THERE was drama at Guruve court on Friday when a senior citizen appeared before Guruve resident magistrate facing theft charges.

Nixon Muzemi (60) of Holland farm pleaded not guilty to the charge before Rumbidzai Mugwagwa saying he was fighting his girlfriend after she cheated and then cooked up stories on him.

“I did not steal the blankets as alleged. Instead, my girlfriend was using her friend’s room for sex services with another man hence when l picked a bucket of manure and threw it on them, they cooked a theft charge for me.”

The state-led by Carson Kundiona alleged on September 5 around 12 am, the accused unlawfully entered into Poshia Chinhengo’s (28) room and stole two blankets.

After 4 minutes he came back to steal a mattress and when the complainant saw him through the window she shouted for help. The senior citizen picked a bucket of manure and threw it on the complainant who was in the company of her friend.

He tried to run away but villagers chased after him and meted instant justice on him before surrendering to Mvurwi police.