U.S. Challenges Mnangagwa To Release Joanna Mamombe To Show Commitment To His UNGA Claims On Human Rights Protection.
26 September 2020

The United States thorough its Embassy in Harare has expressed doubts at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s commitment to promote human rights in the country

This comes after Mnangagwa told the UN General Assembly, that he is committed to democracy, constitutionalism and promotion of human rights in the country.

Addressing the UN General Assembly during the week Mnangagwa said:

“My administration is decisive in entrenching constitutionalism, democracy and rule of law, including the protection of property rights. The commitment of my government to these cardinal principles remains unwavering,”

However, the US government says he should walk the talk, and match his words to the UN with action on the ground.

In a Tweeter post on Friday, the US Embassy in Harare said the America goverment is watching Mnangagwa closely to see commitment to his statement.

The Embassy said if Mnangagwa was sincere in his UN address, he should consider dropping criminal charges against MDC Alliance MP Joanna Mamombe, jailed for two weeks to allow state doctors to examine and assess her mental health status before she stands trial in court.