Father Poisons Own Son
27 September 2020

By A Correspondent- A 31 year old father, Passmore Nicholas, allegedly accidentally fed his one year old son cattle dip chemical thinking that it was water.

Allegations are that the mother Placxedis Mafunga was offered the dip chemical from a nearby farm where she had been doing her piece jobs.

She poured the chemical in a Pepsi container and left it in the kitchen.

It is also alleged that the baby was crying while under the watch of his father who accidentally fed him the liquid from the Pepsi container in a bid to calm him down thinking it was water.

The baby cried all the more after drinking the poison and his mother came to enquire what was happening to him.

Nicholas told her that he gave him the liquid in the Pepsi container and she revealed that it was poison.

They rushed the baby to a nearby clinic and he died upon admission.

Mashonaland Central deputy police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Fidelis Dhewu confirmed the case and implored people not to put poisonous substances in food containers.