Little Known ZANU PF Member Wins Chivi Primary Elections To Replace Killer Zivhu
1 October 2020

Paul Nyathi

Killer Zivhu bundled out of ZANU PF

A dark horse has won the ZANU PF Chivi South primary elections too choose a candidate who will represent the party in the upcoming by election.

Virtually unknown and regarded as never likely to win against popular party heavyweights, the activist considered a political novice has been elected to replace sacked Chivi South MP Killer Zivhu.

Nine party candidates contested the primaries on Wednesday.

Announcing results of the internal poll, party provincial commissar Jevas Masosota said a total of 5 135 members cast their votes in the by-election where the little known Munyaradzi Zizhou emerged winner, garnering 1 857 votes.

Zizhou defeated former legislator for the same constituency Mafios Utete, Enock Shindi, Naledi Maunganidze, Anson Madusise, Denis Masomere, Rikios Hlambelo and Peter Matuke.

Naledi Maunganidze, the only female candidate in the race, came fourth with 723 votes while Mafios Utete who once represented the constituency from 2013-2018, got a paltry 170 votes.