Mugabe Eye Doctor Loses US$100 000 In Crypto-Currency Deal 
7 May 2024
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By Crime and Courts Reporter- Renowned eye specialist Dr Solomon Guramatunhu has lost over US$100,000 in a cryptocurrency transaction.

According to court documents unveiled at the Harare Magistrate’s Court, Dr Guramatunhu fell victim to a fraudulent scheme orchestrated by one Lloyd Chiyangwa, resulting in a substantial loss totalling US$108,924.

Chiyangwa appeared in court this Monday and was remanded in custody. 

The intricate web of deceit began when Dr. Guramatunhu enlisted Chiyangwa’s services, entrusting him, then based in the UK, with the task of setting up cryptocurrency wallets and devising secure passwords. 

However, what transpired next was a calculated betrayal, as Chiyangwa purportedly executed a transfer of 122,467 Matic tokens valued at over US$108,000 from Guramatunhu’s Metamask wallet to the Waybit exchange. 

It wasn’t until Guramatunhu sought to relocate these tokens to another wallet that the alarming discovery was made – they had vanished without a trace.

Suspicions arose regarding Chiyangwa’s involvement, with authorities noting his alleged utilisation of an iPhone 15 to orchestrate the transaction.

In the wake of this financial fiasco, Dr. Guramatunhu promptly alerted law enforcement, prompting an investigation into the matter.

Dr Guramatunhu was also the late President Robert Mugabe’s eye doctor and would provide expert advice on the leader’s ocular health.