“Tambai Zvenyu Mukuru. Isu Regai Titandavare,” Mnangagwa Jerusalem Dance Satire Blasted.
2 October 2020
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President Emmerson Mnangagwa in his dance routine

If our bellies were full we would dance with you Mr President. If our brothers were not illegally incarcerated, we would gladly join in, if our children had a future…why not?

You know us Zimbabweans..we are a jovial lot. But our cearefree days are over. Our future remains obscure. We are waery.

You dance ? because you have inheritance to leave your children, your wife is taken care of. If you should fall and break a leg while dancing ? ,a private jet will whisk you away to some fancy 5 star hospital. Let us siti Dhani lest we fall and have to be carried in a wheelbarrow to Parerenyatwa….u know the story there ?.

Tambai zvenyu mukuru. Isu regai titandavare.