Striking Teachers Not At All Amused With George Charamba’s War Threats Against Them.
7 October 2020
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Paul Nyathi

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba has brewed a storm with the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Association after he sent out a Tweet indicating that government was ready to fight with teachers unions that have been calling on teachers to stay away from work.

In his @Jamwanda2 Twitter page, Charamba blasted teachers for refusing to work with government even besides pleas from the United States embassy.

Teachers responded in ere telling the spokesperson that the union has a right to run its affairs independently from his opinions.

ARTUZ Full Statement

We note with concern threats issued by @edmnangagwa spokesperson @Jamwanda2 threatening war against teachers. @ProfPMavima earlier on accused our Union of being political and being funded by international capital. Mavima also accused us of working with @SACP1921.

We have every right to reach out to Unions across the globe and working class seeking solidarity at a time when labour rights have been withdrawn by Zim gvt. These threats and accusations will not resolve the ensuing labour dispute.Gvt should restore the value of our salaries.

We dont have intentions to go to war with the incumbent gvt. We demand a living wage. We will defend our labour rights through constitutional means. We wont be silenced by the ruling elites who are living in luxury when workers are starving.