Tribute To Hon Myambo
9 October 2020
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Farai Dziva|The MDC Alliance family has been plunged into mourning following the death of Hon Anna Myambo.

Hon Myambo was among the MPs who were recalled by Thokozani Khupe.

According to sources in the MDC Alliance, Hon Myambo succumbed to stroke.

Read full statement below:

09 OCTOBER 2020


Mdc Alliance Namibia is deeply saddened by artificial deaths emanating from psychosocial problems caused by Zanupf and their puppets in the judicially-sponsored Mdc-T led by Thokozani Khupe.

We were really hypnotised and transfixed when the district received the news about the death of our staunch revolutionary fighter in the national democratic struggle.

May the family of the deceased be comforted by the Almighty God so that we can forge ahead with our objective fight against senseless looting manifesting in Zanupf and their power-hungry surrogates who are working to destroy the people’s project.

Our condolence message is very clear, “Gone too soon our ardent democratic fighter, our mother and source of inspiration. We don’t doubt what they subjected you to, you toiled and suffered in excruciating agony in the hands of a brood of vipers that has invested in Zanupf sadism”, echoed the infuriated Mdc Alliance Namibia Rundu branch Spokesperson Robson Ruhanya.

“Until we meet again , Mama we will soldier on confronting Zanupf and their enablers who are exploiting state machinery to reverse the will of the citizenry through their satanic and illegal recalls to the people’s choice”, Ruhanya further remarked.

Sources close to the deceased Honourable, say, she had a stroke after she was recalled from Parliament by the clueless Zanupf-backed Thokozani group. As Mdc Alliance Namibia, we are convinced that the diligent MP died as a result of the stress of her illegal recall. This is not only tragic but an indictment against the imposters who have apparently subverted constitutional democracy by conniving with Zanupf to sneak back into Parliament. The gesture epitomises the death of social democracy in Zimbabwe.

Moreso, the psychological trauma generated by state capture of government institutions by a desperate regime was responsible for the untimely death of our committed and dedicated social democratic fighter. Khupe, Mwonzora and cabal are ultimately accountable for our revolutionary loss. Hon Anna Mpofu nee Myambo, who was an MP for Harare Province after entering into Parliament on a proportional representation was unconstitutionally recalled in June. Since then our legislator never recovered from the shock until she died yesterday (Thursday).

The unholy marriage between Zanupf and their puppets is at the epicentre of our misfortunes but we shall remain unshaken in defending the people’s vote.

In her conversation with the pragmatic Secretary General of the Mdc Alliance Youth Assembly, Ostallos Siziba, she said, “Ostallos shuwa tonzi tavakupa parliament to some people who did not even compaign kuno kuChitungwiza , not even a single day mwanangu, is that the new dispensation here comrade?” The conversation mirrors how Zec and parliament are operating from the directive of the politically inept Executive in Zanupf. Khupe and her people never joined Mdc Alliance, infact the inception of the Mdc Alliance marked the official departure of Khupe from our politics of change. She abandoned the freedom train before the death of our leader the late President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai only to resurface in the armpits of Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. This must be resisted with equal measure.

In a nutshell, Mdc Alliance Namibia encourages the Mpofu family to remain resolute in fighting against Zanupf shenanigans.

May her soul rest in eternal peace.
We urge all social democrats who subscribe to the struggle for socio-economic transformation to display their solidarity with our departed soldier by joining the rest of the Mdc Alliance family in a powerful send off to our gallant democratic fighter. She will be laid to rest tomorrow at Zororo Cemetery near Seke School in Harare, Chitungwiza.

Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya








Hon Myambo