Gweru Prosecutor Joins The Race In Zanu Pf’s DCC Elections
13 October 2020
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By A Correspondent- A Gweru prosecutor, Namatirai Chipere has controversially and unconstitutionally thrown her name as a candidate in the upcoming Zanu PF District Coordinating Committee elections.

In many political cases she presided over, opposition politicians asked for the recusal of Chipere because she is a known Zanu PF activist.

The Constitution of Zimbabwe requires Prosecutors, Magistrates and Judges to be impartial in their handling of justice.

She has thrown her name in for the position of Secretary for Legal Affairs in Gweru’s DCC.

There are concerns Chipere would compromise justice by being a politician and a prosecutor at the same time.

A source who spoke to Nehanda Radio said; 

“This person is a serving prosecutor at Gweru Magistrate’s Court. She shouldn’t be contesting for a position in a political party.

“The constitution requires PG (and those who work in his name, i.e. prosecutors) to be completely neutral. To run DCCs you need to be a member of the party in good standing (paying subs, attending meetings etc). How will she be an impartial prosecutor if she is a party political official,” the source told Nehanda Radio.

In another interview, Advocate Kudzai Kadzere urged Chipere to resign from prosecution and go full time into politics.

“It falls foul of the law for State Prosecutors who are expected to be impartial to be involved in politics. It damages the institutions of the State that are key in the rule of law. The best is for her to resign from Prosecution and go into full time politics,” Kadzere said.

Four months ago, MDC Alliance MP for Chiwundura constituency Levison Chimina wanted the recusal of Chipere whom he accused of being a known ZANU PF activist and avid supporter.

Chimina was facing charges of assault where he and others are being accused of assaulting Zanu PF youths.

Chimina’s lawyer Wellington Davira said his client was being persecuted for being an affiliate of the MDC Alliance in a case being handled by a known Zanu PF supporter.