Tapiwa Makore 4 Weeks Later.
20 October 2020
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The late Tapiwa Makore

ANALYSIS | It is now more than four weeks since 7 year old Tapiwa Makore was killed and his body dismembered, “and the people who killed Tapiwa were caught, especially the one who cut his head is saying he’s the one who did it, even naming who he handed it to.

“What’s hurting is the people who killed him are there, but body is still incomplete,” the late child’s father complains saying.

The Makores tell ZimEye in separate interviews that everything is now in the hands of the police. But it is the same force that is failing to conclude the first step in the prosecution process. Then Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa is heard in file footage revealing who the police truly is in this country – they are a bunch of politicians of whom he is chief of.

He says: “We must be respected, we are majority, we are the government, we are the people, we are the army, we are the airforce, we are the police, we are everything you can think of, we determine who can do mining in Zimbabwe, we determine who can construct a railway line, we determine who can build a road in Zimbabwe, no other party can do so.” 

It was on 4th April 1983 when Mnangagwa caused the Zimbabwean economy to crash as he described people as cockroaches who deserve to die for supporting protesters, who he labeled dissidents. He said everyone supporting protesters would have their days on earth reduced. 22,000 from Midlands and Matebeleland areas were killed as a result.

” But woe unto those who will choose the path of collaboration with dissidents for we will certainly shorten their stay on Earth,” he said.

The economy nosedived.

He would after that deny that anyone was killed, and what he told the BBC in 1983, is the same he repeated to France24 36 years later, in February 2019.

And then on 15th May 2015, Mnangagwa said democracy is only found in the World of the Dead. He said election winners are just corpses. (VIDEO)

Fast forward to 1st August 2018, he deployed the army onto the streets of Harare and his most senior advisor announced in his presence this was in order to change election results so they match an outcome greater than the one ZANU PF obtained in 1980.

And then in February 2019, Mnangagwa celebrated the killing of 17 people and raping of 17 women saying he would do more, to the point of physically attacking doctors and lawyers attending the victims. VIDEO:

On the 3rd January 2020, he told people in Harare’s Kuwadzana surbub, still nursing their wounds from beatings by the Zimbabwe national army, that he would re-deploy the army on them once he discovers they are the ones who stopped the rain. This is not a reading from a horror movie or a novel this is real life in modern day Zimbabwe. (VIDEO).

And now for some ‘great’ humour, in March 2020, Mnangagwa has announced a prize for the first person to die, literally (VIDEO).

Does this man have the capacity or willingness to give us Tapiwa’s head?