“Corruption Unearthed At The Judiciary Service Commission”
29 October 2020

By A Correspondent- In a leaked letter that was addressed to President Mnangagwa by Judges who were  complaining about Chief Justice Malaba, the Judges revealed that relatives of senior officials at the Judiciary service commission (JSC) are providing services to the commission in a clear case of corruption.

The letter further went on to reveal a case in point of how a law firm in which Chief Justice Malaba’s daughter is a partner is providing legal services to the JSC.

Complained the Judges:

…The renovation and furnishing of court rooms by relatives of senior JSC personnel across the country remains a topical issue which Commissioners do not appear to be addressing.

The provision of other services by relatives of other JSC personnel including by a firm of lawyers where the CJ’s daughter is a partner raises many conflict of interest issues as charges by the law firm are not likely to be subjected to scrutiny.

And given the wide powers that the CJ has arrogated to himself, there is the ethical Issue of whether this law firm can ever lose a case in the superior courts as the CJ determines who hears which case…

The judges also said the JSC abandoned hiring services from Rooneys and started hiring services from an events company owned by VP Chiwenga and his estranged wife Marry.

Source: Judges Complain to Mnangagwa about Chief Justice Malaba (1).