Woman Abandons Home Over Farting Argument With Hubby
30 October 2020

ANYONE who has been in a relation ship for a reasonable length of time knows arguments can start over the most trivial thing.

For one Bulawayo woman, an innocuous remark that the wind her husband passed “smelled horrible” resulted in a horrible misunderstanding that led her to desert her matrimonial home.

This was heard when the woman, Pamela Sibanda, approached the Bulawayo Civil Court seeking a protection order against her husband Philani Sibanda.

Pamela who has since deserted their matrimonial home in Morningside claimed her husband was in the habit of verbally and physically harassing her.

She said she was now living in fear after her husband swore that she was going to die in his hands.

“Philani Sibanda is my husband and I left him over a month ago as a result of his violent behaviour. A day before I left, he insulted me after I overheard him talking on the phone with another woman, and he then damaged my phone saying it has evidence against him.

“On 4 October 2020 he sent me a threatening message saying I should brace myself for what is coming. He went on to send another message saying all hell will break loose because he has nothing to lose anymore.

“He is constantly threatening me saying I will die in his hands and I do not know what he meant with that. Because of his continuous threats I am now living in fear that he will harm me,” said Pamela.

In response, Philani said trouble started after his wife accused him of being responsible for the “horrible smell” that had engulfed their bedroom.

“I had never insulted her. I only reacted after she started attacking me. On the day in question she alleged the room was smelling because I was ‘puffing’ and she started spraying perfume all over. I only got hold of her hair and asked her if she wants to fight with me.

“I never threatened her or physically abused her. She left home after we had a misunderstanding and she always refers to the past. I however, admit that I sent her a message saying all hell will break loose because she was refusing to come back home,” responded Philani.

In her ruling presiding magistrate Marygold Ndlovu ordered Philani not to threaten his wife in any way.-B-Metro